This book will enable you to benefit from the experiences, philosophy and advice of the author, one of the world’s foremost venture capitalists. Peter Thiel co-founded PayPal and was the first outsider to invest in Facebook. His unique approach to business will show you how to predict the future and make it a successful one for start-ups.

Because a start-up will only be successful under very specific conditions: there’s only one best market for the company’s product, only one best time to launch it, and so on.

In order to strike when the conditions are just right, you must make a conscious choice to pursue the future you desire.

The main difficulty lies in figuring out just what the ideal conditions for your start-up are. In other words, which future are you aiming at?

In this book the author explains that the future is, by definition, different from the present. So, to imagine it, he says that you can’t just focus on the status quo. If you want to imagine what the future holds, you must be able to view the present critically.

When choosing, Thiel says you can only see the future by looking beyond established conventions. He believes this is such a crucial ability that, in job interviews, he asks candidates, “What important truth do very few people agree with you on?” Why? Because only a person who can think outside established conventions can see and change the future.

It’s crucial to keep this in mind when founding a start-up because start-up’s only have one best future – and attaining it demands a concerted effort.

A start-up’s success is not a matter of luck. You can pursue the future you want as long as you’re able to challenge established conventions. Then, once you obtain a monopoly by being better at something than everyone else, success will follow on its own.

 Zero to One shows you how you can prepare for the different and unknown circumstances that await you in the future.

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