The Four Agreements is your guide to breaking free from negative patterns and fully realising your true self and was a New York Times best seller for over eight years.

This book explains how society raises people to conform to a strict set of rules and how, with little effort and commitment, you can set your own guidelines for life. You’ll also find out how ancient Meso-american wisdom can help you today.

The Toltec were an ancient society of artists who explored and saved spiritual knowledge from ancestors who lived in central Mexico before the Aztec became a dominant group. They had deep tradition of education and passing on knowledge from generation to generation.

Like most ancient civilisations, they had a system of beliefs about the workings of the world and the humans who populated it. But what can these teachings tell us today?

Well, that’s exactly what we learn in this book. We discover how the Toltec ideas and concepts can help us to become who we really are and cast aside the chains that keep us from realising your full potential, enjoying a life of freedom and making peace with yourself.

Nobody gets to choose their native tongue, but the language we grow up speaking isn’t the only thing society imposes upon us.

Social norms even prescribe the content and form of our dreams.

For instance, everyone has individual dreams, but there’s also a collective dream. This is the dream of the planet. The rules that define this collective dream are taught to us by parents, schools, religions and other influential forces. It’s through this education that we learn what proper behaviour is, what we should believe and the difference between good and bad.

But there is a different way, we can break free from this structure by establishing new agreements for ourselves, which you’ll learn all about in this book.

Although society makes us conform to its rules from the moment we’re born, thereby preventing us from realising our true selves, it is possible to break free by replacing these ingrained rules with The Four Agreements from ancient Toltec wisdom.

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