Why You Should Become a Renegade

  • Build a business that can operate without you and win back your life
  • Grow your inner-circle – surround yourself with like-minded, success focused big thinkers who understand you
  • Experience powerful learning opportunities – directly, by sharing your challenges and through the observation of others sharing theirs
  • Work with the ‘board you can’t afford’ – Access to a virtual board of experienced directors and consultants that would otherwise cost a small fortune
  • Leverage the proven Renegade systems and processes to accelerate your success, improve clarity and maximise the opportunities in your business
  • Build friendships, business relationships and connections with other high achievers that will last forever
  • Develop your awareness, develop as a person and remove the lid on your business – you
  • Use Renegade tools to measure your growth and return on investment (ROI)
  • Experience the Renegade Path and allow your fellow Renegades to hold you Accountable
  • Eliminate the loneliness of self employment…

Here’s Just Some of What You Get…

Coaching & Mentoring Calls

  • Weekly Group Coaching & Mentoring Calls with Faculty
  • Bring your own opportunities and challenges
  • Experience the power of observational learning
  • With like-minded, success-focused business owners
  • Each event is recorded and downloadable

Renegade Discussion Group

  • Interact daily with fellow group members, share ideas, discuss breakthroughs, and support each other on challenges
  • Build relationships, find opportunities for collaboration and joint ventures
  • Hold each other accountable for growth and personal success objectives

The Renegade Monthly Magazine

  • Digitally delivered, monthly info pack that provides insight, tips, strategies and tactics to put to work immediately
  • Contributors include the Renegade Faculty and other subject matter experts 
  • Interviews with business owners and entrepreneurs

Renegade Business Toolkit

  • travect.io web based software
  • DiSC Behavioural and Personality Profile tools
  • Personal & Team building tools
  • PDF Books
  • Exercises
  • Spreadsheets
  • Financial tools