Always be the hardest worker in the room…

To all fellow Renegades, Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and spent lots of quality down time with friends and family. I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the coming year and look forward to helping you and your business grow exponentially over the next 12 months.

For me personally, Christmas was a welcomed break after a very hectic December schedule.

While most people are winding down, wishing the days away, I stay at full throttle to make sure what I achieve in December carries me into the New Year one step ahead and not two steps behind.

You see, I have a fear. A fear that my competition is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  So, if I’m not working hard, then the competition is gaining an advantage. This is what motivates me to keep pushing, work hard and set an example to my employees. One of my role models, Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock puts this well by saying:

“Always be the hardest worker in the room”

This guy came from being broke, to being a multi-millionaire and the highest paid actor in Hollywood last year. Not bad for a WWE wrestler. Modelling successful people is a good way to understand what and how it takes to be that person.

Who is your role model?

What can you learn from them?

They don’t necessarily have to be famous, you can take traits from various role models that will help shape the person you want to be. I urge you to try it and see the benefits.

A New Year usually brings in some new resolution.

Have you made any New Year’s resolution?

Are you excited for the year ahead?

Have you set goals both short term and long term?

To help you kick start the new year, I’ve put together my top 3 tips to help you and your business grow in 2018.

Strategy session to grow your business.

What do you want your company to achieve this year?

What turnover do you want?

What staff/resources do you need and when do you need them?

Think hard, stay focused and I’ll guarantee you that when you leave that room after 8 hours, you’ll have clarity on the goals and visions for your business that will serve you for the next 12 months.  But remember, we’re only as good as the questions we’re willing to ask ourselves.

Once you have the plan, it’s important to share this with your staff. Call a meeting to explain how and what your visions and goals are for the business over the next 12 months. Make your staff feel part of it. Where do they fit in? Make sure they are on board, so the whole company is pulling in the same direction. Finally put up a goal board in the office and add each goal to the board for everyone can see. Once a goal is achieved, mark them off and throughout the year the whole company can see the progression.

Interaction within Renegades:

Read the monthly Renegade magazine, you may just find one nugget of gold that can change your personal and business life. Get involved in the coaching calls. Don’t be shy, interact, there is no such thing as a stupid question, and remember, everyone in the group is here to help and support one and other because they are go givers, they wouldn’t be in the group otherwise.

Interact on the forum. Ask questions or even speak into someone else’s challenges. There is no better feeling than adding value to someone. Remember we’re the average of the 5 people we spend our time with, so hanging out on the forum with other likeminded entrepreneurs is a good place to be.

Use the tools that are at your disposal. Search through the tools section of the forum and see if there are any tools that serve you. These tools and worksheets have been proven to help all different types of businesses and people grow.

Working on the business not in it:

The yearly strategy session I spoke into earlier in this article is a great way to set you up for the year ahead. However, for me to stay on top of this, I take one day out of my working week, to work on the business rather than in it. (For me this is a Wednesday) I Leave all the emails and firefighting behind, so I can concentrate on growing the business. Taking time out of the day to day activities of a business allows you to examine your company from an elevated platform. Remember it’s hard for us to see the picture when we’re in the frame. Take yourself out of your normal working environment, with no distractions (for me that’s my home office) and spend a full day planning your business moves and strategy. Carrying out activities like visioning, planning, writing process and procedures etc. I’m sure you’re thinking these are things you’d love to work on, if you had the time. Well, now you’re aware of the value you’ll get from it, you can make time for it. You could even start by trying one day a month and see how this serves you. This might work better for you rather than weekly. The value and clarity you’ll get from this will be very rewarding. The aim of the game is to just get started and see how it works for you.

As entrepreneurs we have to be prepared to do what others won’t. I wonder how many business owners are even in an environment like Renegades. I would think, not many. And the fact that you are, and you’re reading this, puts you ahead of them all. Put these strategies to work and in 12 months’ time, see how your business and personal life can change for the better. I wish you all every success for year ahead!