This number one best seller unfolds a fable with the power to change the way you look at life.

It concerns the life of a fictional lawyer, Julian Mantle who ends up selling his Ferrari and becoming a monk. A man who seemingly had it all. A graduate of the famous Harvard Law School, Mantle was one of the most well-known trial lawyers in the United States.  He was making seven-figures; he lived in a mansion; a red Ferrari was parked outside. He was living the dream.

However, underneath it all, he was struggling. His workload was far too heavy for him to handle.  Each day there was a new, important case for Mantle to take on and he approached every proceeding diligently.  Eventually, the stress became too much for him, and one day Mantle suffered a severe heart attack and collapsed in the courtroom.

After that incident, he never returned to practicing law.

In fact, no one at his firm heard from him after his heart attack.  Rumour had it that he’d moved to India in search of some answers and a simpler life – and indeed, that’s exactly what he had done. Before moving, Mantle had sold his mansion and his Ferrari; he was sure that his quest for meaning was more important.

And then, three years later, he returned, showing up without a warning at his former colleague’s office. He was a picture of health, with a Buddha-like smile stretched across his face.

Mantle had been travelling in India by foot, and on his journey, he’d learned about yogis who seemed to defy age. In Kashmir, he’d heard about the Great Sages of Sivana, and this inspired him to venture to the Himalayan Mountains.

In the mountains, Mantle found the group of monks known as the Sages of Sivana. One monk, Yogi Raman, shared his wisdom with Mantle.

They discussed the meaning of life and Mantle learned about ways to achieve greater vitality, how to become more creative and to feel more fulfilled.

He was taught this on one condition – that he returned to where he came from and spread the word. And this is why he went back to his law practice: to teach the life-changing Sivana System.

There are seven basic virtues that underpin the Sivana System, and each virtue is part of this fantastic fable. We won’t spoil the story. You’ll have to read it to find them.

A thoroughly enjoyable read.

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