Author: Andrew Stace


  The key to any successful business will be found in its communication systems For any business with more than 1 person, a clearly followed communication structure is essential if the business is to run with as little firefighting as possible. Good communication starts from the very outset of any person’s journey within an organisation, as early as the initial interview, or company formation. Understanding the mission of the company and what your role is so you are clear on your purpose will make what you do each day count. An aimless set of instructions without any meaning can lead to despondency and lack of motivation. Being communicated to in a way that makes you feel valued as part of a bigger story will ensure that you believe in what you are doing and give it every bit of effort you have in you. But it doesn’t stop there, because people forget! They forget why they do what they do after days and weeks of working at the same things and the belief and motivation can be easily diluted with the monogamous day to day operations of their role. So how can we keep our people motivated and reminded of how important they are to the team, and how important their customers are to the operations of the business? Consistent but fresh communicating within the team will ensure that...

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   Healthy Cashflow = Healthy Business The most essential function of any business is cashflow. Without a healthy cashflow, you cannot pay staff, suppliers or bills, the business very quickly grinds to a stop. So why do so many businesses suffer with poor cashflow? Poor payment terms with your customers, and late payers Deficiencies in turnover, not hitting breakeven Overspending No awareness of your numbers Just one late payment from a customer can be enough to make a business feel the pain of not having enough cash in the bank to pay their bills. Not a nice position to...

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Money is rarely our #1 Driver, but essential for success. . .  Not many of us are in it just for the money. It can be perceived as a cold, ruthless approach when business becomes all about the money, but until you make the budget your company’s #1 priority, you may not be able to fulfil any other priorities. We have a natural tendency to make optimistic assumptions about our business’s finances, telling ourselves, “we’re busy – we must be making money” or “things will turn around next year” Until you make this subject a focus that you measure,...

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What gets measured and reported can be improved…… We’ve all heard the old adage that knowledge is power. How much of your business performance do you make assumptions on? How many times have you said, “Well, I think we’re doing ok….” Only to find out a year or two later that actually, there’s a huge part of the business that you made too many assumptions with, and slowly it drifted out of effectiveness and is now an uncontrolled mess that needs sorting out. Let’s face it, none of us need to be taking time out of our week to...

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5 Essential Business Tools for predictability, strategy, consistency and sanity! Someone once told me you have to get half a dozen things working efficiently in your business to create consistency and profitability. I’ve found that there are 5 key functions that I monitor in my business that keep me in the black. Over the next 5 issues, we will be looking at 5 different business functions which if properly managed, will ensure a smooth running of your business. Once set up, they don’t take long to manage. The 1st year is hard because you have a new function to...

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