Author: Andrew Stace


For every great reason for success, there’s always the risk that we can take it literally and start running with it at 100mph without looking back. For every good approach or bit of advice there’s a “but” and a balance to go with it. Knowing that growth takes place outside your comfort zone is great awareness, and it helps justify the feelings of stress and anxiety because we know it’s for a good cause. Knowing that there’s a balance that needs to be struck also allows us to give ourselves permission to pull back from the uncomfortableness, confident in...

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What’s Next?

How do you decide what business idea to launch next?. . . At some point in our lives, we have to make a decision about an idea, an investment, a new business or career. How many times have you been at the crossroads and realised that there’s so much you could do, but you’re finding it hard to make a decision for what is best? Maybe you’ve been looking for a new product line for your business, or a totally new business idea that you want to start. How do you decide for sure; this is the one you’re...

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Hello, today I’m with Julie Williams whose part of the Maple Mastermind Group and we’re going to be doing the Up Close & Personal interview for the Renegade Magazine so we’re going to get to know a little bit more about Julie. Who is Julie? Julie Williams: I think at the moment a very busy working Mum. I’ve just left a corporate life to follow my own dreams and start my own business which has been quite nice. Andy Stace: It’s good to see and nice to watch your progress. So, what do you do exactly Julie? JW: In...

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Today I’m joined by Mr Brian Taylor from Axiom Solutions. Brian’s also known as the ISO guy and his business helps other small businesses install systems like ISO 9001to help them become more profitable, help them win bigger contracts and be more organised. Brian also lectures in the university, and in his spare time he does a lot of paddle boarding, he’s a very keen guitarist and singer and also teaches martial arts.  He’s lives in Barry South Wales with his wife and 2 grown up kids. So, how are you doing Brian? Andy Stace: Who is Brian Taylor?...

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complacency (Cambridge Dictionary) a feeling of calm satisfaction with your own abilities or situation that prevents you from trying harder: It’s great to experience feelings of achievement, worthiness and competence when hitting key results and objectives in your business especially financial goals. But finding yourself in a comfort zone brings its own dangers. Mainly, complacency and the tendencies to over-congratulation one’s self and rest back, safe in the knowledge we have achieved our goals and can now relax a little. Safety zones can very quickly become danger zones if you don’t remain aware that the hard work is never...

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