Author: Andrew Stace


I’m in Dudley, West Midlands today and I’m with Jaspal Singh who’s kindly agreed to do an Up Close & Personal interview. Good morning Jas. JS: Good morning. AS: So, Jas, who are you? Tell us all about yourself. JS: I’m many people. There’s the family side of me which is most important. Born in Wolverhampton, married in 1970 with a set of twins who are 10 months old now. I look after my mum and dad at the house. So, family wise that’s me. I’ve got 2 brothers and a sister.  I run a few businesses. I’ve never...

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The chances are you’ve been living, breathing and thinking about your business ever since you decided you were going to go it alone. Hungry, eager entrepreneurs will think of nothing else during the development stage of their new venture, over the course of a few months, the thinking and planning gets deeper and more detailed until we have a clear picture of what it is we do, who we’re going to sell it to, how the mechanics of the business are going to work and how the business is going to look in the future. Most of us will...

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Today, I’m sat with Mr Brett Parry from Riskmonitor as he’s very kindly agreed to do an Up Close & Personal interview for the Renegade Magazine. Good morning Brett. BP: Morning Andy. AS: How are you doing? BP: Very Good. AS: I’ve got some really nice questions for you to answer for me today . . . So, who’s Brett Parry? BP: Brett Parry is a 36-year-old man from the South Wales Valleys, that left school with absolutely nothing. Went out into the big bad world for the first couple of years and got himself into a couple of...

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Rewired – Re-programming your mind for success

Upgrade your internal software by internalising this simple process. . .  How do the things that happen in our lives come about? Why do we get the results we get? Our actions and results are a direct consequence of the things that we think about and the decisions we make based on those thoughts. Is it fate? Is it all set out, pre-planned and whatever happens is beyond our control? That’s a very lazy belief to hold. Thinking about things in detail and being prepared to question your own thoughts and decisions, will in turn change the decisions you...

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Is a Micro-Business the route to your success? Why do we automatically assume that we need to build huge businesses with million-pound turnovers in order to achieve what we think success is? Could we actually get all the fulfilment and comfort we need by staying small and keeping hold of our precious freedom? When you ask any self-employed business owner what attracted them to start up their own business and become their own boss, most likely these three statements would have been made: I want the freedom to be my own boss and decide when and where I work...

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