Author: Steve Matthews

Get Focused and Time Block

Following on from last month’s article and a spin off from the conversation I’ve had recently with a few of the members from the Oak Mastermind Group, I thought I would share something that worked very well for me. We all have hundreds of things that draw on our time, and time is one thing that is precious to us all. After all, it doesn’t matter how rich you are there are only 24 hours in any given day and that’s the same for everyone. What we can control though is how we use that time to our best...

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In the last edition of the Renegade I shared my experience of losing my business in 2007 and in this edition, I want to share some of the lessons I learned from that time and how I now see it as one of the greatest experiences of my life. I like this quote from the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan: “I can accept failure; everyone fails at something. But what I can’t accept is not trying.” When I left you last time it was 2010, I’d been kicking my own arse for the best part of...

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That’s what they say, but to be honest, at the time it doesn’t feel like a friend and I wouldn’t like to be friends with anyone who could kick me in the balls that hard! Over the next two articles I wanted to share with you some of the feelings or despair I had when I lost my business in 2007. It was a tough time and truly my rock bottom. The failure itself was just a point in time, an event that happened that I allowed, for a long time, to dictate what I did and how I...

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To conclude this series of articles I want to use the Wheel of Life exercise we did last month and help you use that as a foundation for your vision statement. Where this exercise can help you on your visioning journey is to imagine a day in the future where every sector scores a 10. Use each sector and write a small paragraph on how it became a 10 but also how it makes you feel for it to be a 10. My vision talks of me selling my business and the financial security that’s provided for me and...

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Being Healthy on the Inside and Out – Part 2

Following on from my article last month, I introduced you to the exciting new product that we are developing behind the scenes that’ll help us attract more business owners into the Renegades circle. Everyone wants different things, but we all want to be successful and this month I continue to discuss what an important part your health and wellbeing plays in being healthy on the inside and out. I firmly believe that if you look after yourself in a small way, you’re better equipped to deal with the demands of running a business and juggling a family and private life. Let’s be fair, if you feel like shit then you normally can’t muster up enough effort to have a great day. You may get away with the odd day for a cough or cold but if its sustained then everything suffers. This is why when I appraised myself and my situation, I knew things had to change for the better. How many times have you used that old excuse of working long, tired, no time? Bollocks! It’s a matter of priorities. Your biggest asset is you and your health and well-being. It doesn’t matter if you have the best ideas, or you are the greatest ever entrepreneur – when you’re dead, you’re dead! If you can’t muster up the energy to do everyday tasks then you’re going to struggle...

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