“The Renegade process has had a profound impact on me, my business and my family. Join today for just £97/mth and see how it will help change your life too.”

Andy Stace
Membership Director, 729 Renegades

Click on the lines below to see what you get when you become an EXPLORER…

LIVE Weekly Group Mentorship Calls

Your EXPLORER Monday Mentorship Calls take place every Monday, at 5pm UK time (except on UK Bank Holidays).

Renegade Faculty member, Andy Stace, is your Monday Mentorship HostMaster and he’ll be joined each week by a special guest who will share insights and tips on their specialist subject and their own stories…

Andy will also share a quick teaching on aspects of the Renegade EXPLORERS membership to ensure you gain maximum value for your precious time.

Then, Andy and his Guest will open up the lines for Mentorship and you’ll get the opportunity to interact with the Renegade Mentors, to ask questions and receive coaching and mentoring.

Observational Learning – Finally, don’t forget, even if you don’t yet feel ready to engage in the dialogue, the opportunity to learn from the interaction of others is incredibly powerful… you’ll pick up new ideas, solutions to your own challenges, tips from best practice in other industries that you may never have thought of…  Trust me, I’ve had 32 businesses in many different sectors over 30 years of self employment and even though you think your business is different, the challenges we face are the same.

The Renegade Circle Facebook Group

Use this closed group to stay in daily contact with your fellow success-focussed EXPLORERS, ask questions, bounce ideas of one another, build relationships, create joint ventures, collaborate, share your challenges, support and encourage each other, shout about your successes or just chew the fat with like-minded people.

Discuss the issues raised and learning shared in the Monday Mentorship Calls and get input from me and my fellow Renegade Mentors.

This is a powerful environment for both personal and business growth so don’t forget to signup here…

The Renegade Monthly Magazine

This incredible publication is exclusive to Renegade members only. It’s your 24-page window into the minds of some very successful entrepreneurs and business owners. This colour publication is delivered digitally every month so there’s no waiting for the postman, wherever you are in the world!

  • Articles – Your Renegade Mentors and other subject matter experts share powerful articles loaded with priceless insights, tips, strategies and tactics to put to work in your business and personal life straight away. Most business owners simply don’t get access to this kind of information….
  • Interviews – You’ll also get our ‘Up Close & Personal’ interviews with fellow business owners who share their ‘warts and all’ stories of how they’ve overcome adversity and accomplished their success in today’s challenging world.
  • Book Reviews – Each month we review a book that members have told us has had a profound impact on their entrepreneurial journey and/or their personal lives.
Travectio - Renegade Membership Software

One of the most powerful aspects of being in the Renegade environment is the travectio software.

Tools – As an EXPLORER you will have access to 12 free tools that will help you navigate the most important aspects of building your business from the ground up. These tools cover strategy, finance, systems, sales, marketing, leadership and other vitally important aspects of your personal and business growth.

Wheel of Life – Before you embark on any journey, you simply have to know exactly where you are now. This is one of the simplest but most powerful tools I’ve come across to help you understand where you are now and each time you go through the process you will see how far you’ve moved.

Accountability – What use is a process if we don’t put some structure in place to measure our progress eh? The Renegade Success Plan will show you what needs to be done, by when and your progress towards the goals you set. Oh, and your EXPLORER Mentors can see your progress too… how’s that for a little peer pressure?

Other benefits available (additional payment required)
  • Regional Networking Events – These quarterly networking events provide great opportunities to meet your fellow members and build those relationships face to face. These events are usually built around a lunch or curry evening (depending on a number of factors)  and will incur a small charge. keep your eyes peeled ok!
  • Think Tank Events – Twice a year (usually February and July) we hold these incredibly powerful, entrepreneurial success events to give aspirational business owners like you the opportunity to meet some very successful business owners and access their powerful mentorship face to face. We’ll publish the dates, times and cost nearer the events so keep your eyes peeled ok!
  • Training Courses – Someone once said to me, ‘If you thing training is expensive, checkout the cost of mistakes, lost work hours and employees leaving!’… Well, truth is, even though in comparison, it’s not as expensive as NOT training at all, training does come at a cost. But, at Renegades we want you to access at least some of this training at the lowest cost possible.  We deliver some courses gratis and others at a small cost. Just keep your ears to the ground and we’ll let you know when courses become available.

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