Two roads diverged in a wood, and I…  I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.
The Road Not Taken, a poem by Robert Frost

Welcome to The Renegade Path
Dave Dean has a welcome message for you…
July ’17

Step 1 – Self Removal
Steve Matthews explains why you need to divorce your business…
August 2017

Step 2 – Self Education
Dean Thistleton shows how he stopped being the lid on his business….
August 17

Step 3 – Commitment
Ashley Burgess Payne demonstrates how being intentional is the key to success….
August 17

Step 4 – Vision
Dave Dean explains why having a vision will help you focus and achieve your goals….
August 17

Step 5 – Systems
Gav Bradbury demonstrates the power of having systems for everything in your business….
August 17

Step 6 – Inner Circle
Steve Matthews on why it’s important to model the right people….
August 17

Step 7 – Marketing
Jay Emery discusses Marketing and why you’re not in the business you think you are….
August 17

Step 8 – Sales
Andy Stace explains why Sales is ALL about the customer….
August 17

Step 9 – Financial Education
James Vanreusel discusses the importance of multiple income streams….
August 17

Step 10 – Coaching
Steve Matthews returns to discuss why we must create leaders in our businesses….
August 17

Step 11 – Parole
Darren James discusses how important it is to have a staged release from your business….
August 17

Step 12 – Philanthropy
Dave, Steve & James discuss the importance of giving back as a part of our development….
August 17

What’s next?
Dave would like to invite you to join the Renegades….
August 17