The operations of our minds are controlled by 2 main functions which work in totally different ways.

We know these functions as the subconscious and the conscious mind.

Our subconscious mind is the storage unit for all of our memories and the information that we need to physically and mentally function.

Our subconscious mind is programmed from around the time we are conceived as it absorbs new experiences which then create the functionality, we use to operate our bodies.

Our subconscious mind controls our heart to make our blood pump around our veins, it controls our lungs, our cell growth and regeneration, physical healing, our emotions, reactions, and thousands of other functions that we don’t even have to think about physically implementing.

It automatically makes one foot go in front of the other when you walk.

Do you ever give your body the command, “Walk over there, then open the door?”

When was the last time you recall raising your arm to grab a door handle and then twist the handle and pull the door open?

Did you have to consciously move your eyes down and to the left at the end of this sentence?

Imagine if we had to consciously remember to do that every time!

Your mind would be so busy thinking about the processes involved in the tasks we do on autopilot, that we would never get any serious and constructive thinking done at all.

Our subconscious mind is capable of dealing with 2 million bits of information compared to the 135 bits that your conscious mind can process at one time.

Of the billions of bits of visual, audible and sensory information that we are subjected to every day, the subconscious mind filters out those bits that it’s already programmed to deal with by creating reactions and habits.

Reactions are exactly what the spelling suggests. Re-actions or re-enactments. They are experiences that you had to consciously figure out in the past, but now with practice, are performed

without you having to think.


Breathing is a reaction, walking, blinking, moving your arm, raising your head


These are all functions that you do without thinking, because your subconscious mind saves you the mental power required by the conscious mind, to decide what to do every time one of those functions is needed.

“Conscious mind is reasoning will. Subconscious mind is instinctive desire – the result of past reasoning will.”

So why do we need the conscious mind if the subconscious mind is so powerful?

Your conscious mind is like the gardener, and your subconscious mind is the garden.

Whatever you plant into the subconscious, will grow according to the Natural Law of Attraction.

Your conscious mind makes your decisions. It decides what’s good and bad. It decides what serves you and what doesn’t.

It has the ability to discriminate and make choices and it’s able to apply reasoning whether inductive, deductive or analytical.

Your conscious mind decides what to plant – (for those who understand this process at least)

Once you realise that your subconscious mind does not have any reasoning power, we become aware that the responsibility to keep our garden blossoming and not overrun with weeds, is solely ours alone.

Negative Programming

Negativity via outside influences such as media news, gossip, false information, or our own self talk will impress itself on the subconscious mind. This will be accepted as the truth as it does not have the reasoning functionality to reject it.

The conscious mind directs the subconscious mind and becomes its ruler and guardian. ‘The Watchman at the gate’ of the subconscious world.

Becoming aware of the mechanics of the subconscious mind puts us in a very powerful position

The subconscious mind relies on the conscious mind to guard it during every waking hour.

If the watchman is ever off guard, the subconscious mind can be influenced with excitement, panic, fear and passion which it will accept without any reasoning at all.

The effects of this influence will remain as a belief until it is consciously retrieved and corrected.

Self-observation is the first step to ensure that our subconscious mind is protected from negative influences which lead to limiting beliefs.

Where this knowledge is missing explains why the lives of most of the population are destined for average conformity.

Societal conditioning and negative messages through TV, newspapers, News channels, other people’s beliefs and the stuff we see on the internet every day, programmes most people’s subconscious minds without them even realising it.

Society blindly follows other people’s influences without giving it a second thought.

And once one or two believe, it becomes the truth.

Most western civilisations are programmed to believe they need to study hard at school, don’t stand out from the crowd, get good grades, get a steady job paying average money, have 2.4 children and save for their retirement.

Who benefits from that mindset? Industry, Corporations? The Government?

Dreams are quickly dismissed as fantasy at an early age, the army of willing lemmings don’t even need to be convinced to follow this pattern, they influence each other with their limiting beliefs.

It’s so ingrained into the beliefs and subconscious of 99% of the population, that there’s never a shortage of workers willing to give their entire lives to their job and the ‘safe’ environment we call society.

Being aware of this consciously and implementing the correct mind training will enable our subconscious actions to serve us in accordance with our desires and goals.

Using this awareness to our advantage

Becoming aware of the mechanics of the subconscious mind puts us in a very powerful position.

It cannot argue or reject anything that is programmed into it by the conscious mind, therefore the key to forming new positive and self-serving habits, lies in positive programming and suggestion, frequently repeated until new healthy habits are formed.

These new habits are no longer a conscious choice, but something that our powerful inner mind carries out without any instruction and little effort.

But what happens when we grow, and our programmed reactions no longer serve us?

Did anyone remember to tell the subconscious mind what the new brief was?

Reactions often bring us the results we want because the subconscious mind is working away trying to save us energy and bandwidth. But what if it’s using out of date information that does not serve our current desires?

We are going to attract the results we don’t want, without realising why it’s “happening” to us.

Change is constant as we grow.

Our reactions need to change if we want our results to, and that is a conscious effort.

Constant self-observation and the willingness to re-programme the subconscious mind are part of the daily lives of most of the best performing human beings. (this can also become a subconscious habit).

Bringing our results into the conscious mind and examining whether or not the reactions and instinctive behaviour we used, was useful or not, should be a daily habit. Reflection is a great tool for this.

Taking some quiet time during the day in a place where you cannot be disturbed, allows our minds the space to contemplate our behaviours and make conscious decisions to reinforce or correct.

“Cause and Effect is as absolute and undeviating in the hidden realm of thought, as in the world of visible and material things. Mind is the master weaver, both of the interior garment of character and the outer garment of circumstance.” – James Allen.

Parts adapted from “The Master Key System” Charles F. Haanel