The Fifth Agreement offers us a powerful agreement for transforming our lives, and encourages us to see the truth, to recover our authenticity, and to change the message we deliver not only to ourselves, but to everyone around us. This is a thought provoking, wonderfully written book which is a great accompaniment to the Four Agreements.

It explains that as we grow up we gradually lose the ability to explore and create without judging yourselves and others.

Every day our mind is influenced by society and the people around us.  Our parents and our environment teach us what they’ve learned and what they believe, and when we take on these beliefs, we become domesticated.

We lose our natural human tendencies thanks to the process of domestication and the symbology we’re taught.

But prior to domestication, we go about our normal tendencies without self-consciousness or self-judgement. That is, from the moment we are born, we have tendencies to explore, create, eat, and so on, and act on these tendencies without question.

Gradually though we’re introduced to symbology and use the symbols that we’re taught during our upbringing to judge and punish ourselves and others.

Now, if we agree to let go of the self-limiting habits that prevent us from seeing the real truth, we can recover this power.

As we read through this book it’ll teach us how to regain our normal human tendencies by committing to the five simple agreements that should guide our everyday life.

Ruiz says that if we commit to the five agreements: be impeccable with word; don’t take anything personally; don’t make assumptions; always do our best; and be sceptical, but learn to listen, we’ll be able to uncover who we really are and live an easier, happier life.

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