“Most leaders would agree that they’d be better off having an average strategy with superb execution than a superb strategy with poor execution…  Those who execute always have the upper hand”

If we want to thrive in any part of our life, we must find our voice and inspire others to find theirs.

Leaders in business are in a prime position to do this, and by instilling trust, communication effectively and relinquishing some control, we can benefit the entire company.

In The 8th Habit, Covey gently pushes us to find our voice. He shows how to take action to find it and importantly, how to inspire the people around us to find their voices as well.

Covey explains that we currently live in the Information/Knowledge Worker Age, the successor of the Industrial Age.

Many organisations find it difficult to accommodate the shifting approaches to work that this new era has given rise to.

Sadly, they still operate with an Industrial Age mindset, governed by top-down style, which functions poorly in the current age, which is all about unleashing the potential of our workers.

So, says Covey, it’s therefore necessary to abolish the controlling top-down approach, as it limits employee potential. We must produce the kind of quality we expect of today’s businesses.

We all want to be great at our job, but Covey says that only those of us who find our voice and make a habit of using our strengths can enjoy true success; and that finding that inner voice is the 8th habit, and in this book he shows us how to do it.

It begins with us treating our employees respectfully so that they can make their own choices, use their creativity and feel significant in their workplace.

Everyone must be able to find their own voice and, in turn inspire other to find theirs. The mastery behind The 8th Habit is in the way it’s presented. . . In a way that’ll mean something to us all, and which will inspire us to go and try something new.

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