Wouldn’t you like to call a job you love, your own?

Although just about anyone would answer “yes” to this question, in reality most people don’t even entertain the possibility of loving their work.

But is it really impossible? Can’t we all find some task that fulfils us?

Yes, we can. But only by looking for something that excites us, something we believe in. In short, we need a WHY – a goal or purpose that gives our lives a deeper meaning and makes everything else secondary.

Simon Sinek, the author of this book, is a good example.

Although he was leading a successful career in advertising, he only began to feel fulfilled by his work when he discovered his own WHY. And he launched his own business with the aim of leading a movement to inspire everyone to find their WHY.

Essentially his goal is to inspire others to pursue what excites them. Which in turn, inspires others to do the same. The underlying idea is that we can all find our WHY without any special resources or a whole lot of luck: all we need to do is stick to a few easily applicable principles that anyone can learn.

By applying these principles, anyone can create businesses and organisations where all the employees have a WHY – which, little by little, will help us change the world. And it all begins with the individual WHY that exists inside each and every one of us.

Enthusiastic employees will bring personal resources to the table and sacrifice themselves to achieve the common goal without being prompted. They don’t act for the sake of rewards or incentives, but because they recognise a deeper meaning in their actions. They feel their calling.

Such enthusiastic employees are not only better with customers, but also attract similarly minded staff by actively vouching for their company and its WHY.

When a WHY excites people, the product itself doesn’t matter as much: customers are convinced by the business itself and happy to buy whatever it sells.

Businesses, individuals and movements of all kinds should always start with WHY – their reason for doing something. This WHY should be the basis for every decision its leaders make and every message they transmit. By doing so, they’ll attract loyal supporters and garner long-term success.

Start with Why will challenge your thinking and open your mind as to why we do what we do as entrepreneurs.

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