Here, Neil Rackham shows you how to handle big and small sales and seal the deal.

After some 12 years of research and 35,000 sales calls, Rackham has perfected the ultimate sales technique; and now you can benefit from it.

The key to stealing the deal in any sales call is SPIN, an acronym that describes questions that explore the situation, problem, implication and the need-payoff of any sales situation.

Of course, asking the right questions is just one part of making a successful sale, but you won’t close any deal if you don’t set yourself up for success from the start.

In this book, Rackham not only examines the path to SPIN, but also the other elements of a successful sale, from putting less stress on a killer opener to how to avoid objections.  All in all, SPIN will get you where you need to be, which is closing more deals and energising your business.

You’ll discover:-

  • why your funny opener will never win you a major sale
  • why it’s up to you to tell your client what her explicit needs are; and
  • how to tell the difference between a feature and a benefit

Traditional sales techniques are lazy, often following the same approach. A salesperson opens a call relating to a client’s interests; investigates the client’s needs through open-ended questions; outlines the benefits of the product; handles potential objections; and then, closes the deal.

But if you master the SPIN strategy, you’ll excel in each phase of a sale.  However, you’ll first need to examine the crucial steps in this book, that happen during a sales call before you put SPIN into effect.

Now, incorporating SPIN into your own sales strategy isn’t done overnight, but practice makes perfect!

SPIN Selling will change the way you sell forever. Period. Try these techniques and you’ll never look back. Just ask Dave Dean, or better still read his article on the subject in this magazine!

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