This book was written for anyone who wishes to give money away and achieve the best results possible.  Achieving significant results with the money and time we give away is hard work and requires informed and focused discipline.

Valuable lessons can be learned from the real-life philanthropists highlighted and the book is filled with examples, both good and not so good.

The authors show us the pitfalls to be avoided then identify and answer six key questions that will help us minimise the risk of failure and maximise the return on our investment.

The book shows us that once we’ve identified our foundational values and beliefs, we can use data and analysis to help frame a strategy for pursuing our philanthropy.

Making explicit choices is the first step in our personal journey of discovery and involves identifying the things we care deeply about then taking the time to learn and expand our horizons.

Give Smart helps us understand what success is, what it means to us and how to invest the necessary effort to achieved it. We must appreciate how success might be achieved with and through others, so that we can increase the odds of leveraging our scarce resources to make a significant difference in the world.

Are we willing and able to hold ourselves accountable for success? Do we, individually, or in collaboration with others, have the financial and non-financial resources to pursue this strategy successfully?

In order to deliver and sustain outstanding results, we need to employ the right people in the right jobs and be able to develop processes that enable us to work together and make smart decisions. As well as provide appropriate resources through sustainable financial models.

We must develop an effective relationship with the people we wish to support, it’s no different to developing any other healthy relationship.  It starts with some sort of common interest and requires a willingness to understand the other person’s point of view, to make the effort to see the world through their eyes.

So, no matter how good we’re doing, we can get better, and Give Smart teaches us that there are many ways of getting lucky but getting better takes hard work and continuous learning. This is as true for philanthropists as for athletes, executives, actors and doctors.

Give Smart helps us think deeper into how we give back, who we give back to and how to make sure those we help receive the best return on our support possible.

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