Dean Thistleton shares why he knew he had to part with his prized possession in order to gain an even greater prize

Being an entrepreneur and owning your own business can be a very lonely place at times. Where, or who do you turn to for help, guidance or advice?

Most may turn to their friends or family or Joe Blogs down the pub. You can pretty much guarantee they will not be qualified to answer the questions you pose to them. Not that it’s their fault, but they will certainly give you their opinion on what they think is right or what they think you want to hear.

Now if you’re serious about growing your business, you need to be part of the Mastermind process.

Joining a Mastermind Group was the best decision I have ever made. My business has grown 200% and my personal life has improved dramatically.

I now have a board I could never have afforded before.

To be able to grow your business you first must grow and develop yourself. Personal growth should be a priority in your life. Most people think that when they leave formal education that learning stops. That’s far from the truth and the reality of life.

Your learning and the thinking you bring to your life and business life will show in your results. Is your aim to be successful, or to be just like 99% of business owners?

If it’s success you’re after, then a Mastermind Group will accelerate your journey there if you’re willing to invest the time and money in yourself and your business.

Every day in business we must make decisions. Decisions that can change our lives.

A couple of years ago I had a one of those tough decisions to make. I had a tremendous opportunity to become part of a Mastermind Group. Like all tough decisions, I had a couple of obstacles and road blocks in my way.

The first was, “how do I find time to be part of a Mastermind Group”. The second was money and, “how can I afford to be in the group?”

I quickly found the solutions.

Firstly, I employed a new salesman to help with my work load so I had the time. Secondly, I sold my recently purchased brand-new Porsche [this one did hurt a little] which gave me the money.

Having put these solutions in place I joined my Mastermind Group. Now I had my board I couldn’t afford. I had nine other entrepreneurs to help with road blocks, questions, decision making and guidance for me and my businesses.

At our first summit, we all started off as complete strangers, by the end of our three-day summit together, we all left as friends.

My ‘board I can’t afford’ are not like Joe Blogs down the pub. These people are entrepreneurs, some in the infancy of their journeys and some who are experienced and successful.

What impressed me the most about the group was that, some of them have been there and done it. Which is great because they are making me aware of what I’m going to experience in the future. In a way, I’m learning lessons of business and my private life just by listening to their experience.

I realised that everyone had something individual and brilliant to bring to the table, regardless of the length of time they’d been an entrepreneur and it’s great to be a part of their journey too.

You’re helping them grow and there is no better feeling than giving back and helping people achieve their goal and visions.

When modelling highly successful people you’ll see they’re all in a Mastermind group, Buffet, Gates and Branson to name a few.

Napoleon Hill is the author of Think and Grow Rich. His book (which I highly recommend you read, if you haven’t) has, to date, been credited with creating more millionaires in history than any other book. He explains a Mastermind process best by saying:

The Mastermind may be defined as coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.

Imagine the power of ten minds working in perfect harmony, working on your goals and visions. During this process, you hit a different level of awareness. You are consciously thinking and educating each other. Ten different viewpoints to one question. Ten different angles. That’s the true power of participating in a Mastermind Group.

These types of groups have been around for many years but they only seemed to be for the highly successful people. It feels like it’s been a big secret. Well, if you’re reading this then it’s no longer a secret.

Do you want you and your business to be highly successful? Do you want to achieve Financial freedom? What does financial freedom look like for you? Can you overcome any limiting beliefs that would previously stop you applying for a Mastermind Group?

Opportunities to join a Mastermind do not come around often. This maybe the first time you have ever read or heard about one. I would advise any business owner who wants to enjoy a fulfilled life and achieve financial freedom to join one and watch yourself and your business grow.