Author: Jay Emery


The lone wasp buzzed annoyingly around my head before teaching me a lesson I’ll never forget… I heard a little buzz and the pain that followed had more impact than just the sting in the tail. So, I’d been planning strategies and implementing those marketing strategies before my 1 week trip to America. As a result I hadn’t been in the workshops much, but I do remember seeing a lone wasp flying around just before I left for America. Roll on 14 days of warm weather, and combined with a very productive marketing strategy, you get 2 things: Business...

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Purchasing an expensive asset that you need for your business doesn’t have to hold you back or be an impossibility. Whilst for you that could be anything from a printing press to a car or even a commercial building, whatever the challenge, there’s always a way as long as you have the will! Let’s look at some of the ways my customers have raised finance to buy one of our ovens to get their business off the ground. And I’m sure you’ll agree there is no doubt that there’s been massive growth and interest in real wood fired ovens...

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It’s so easy to think that the mastermind process is a 3 monthly jolly where you get to sit in a room with your mates and talk about woo-woo. In the short term I can understand this, but it’s also fair to say that you get out of the process what you put into it, and the value of the experience can only be measured by one thing: your willingness to implement. Without exception the 3 days I spend at Renegades are more exhausting than any consecutive 3 days in my own business. Again, the reason is simple: problem...

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Is everything blooming and growing or do you have dead wood? I was in my factory for almost 20 years and there had always been a cherry tree on the corner. In the spring it would burst into full blossom and over the next couple of months we would hang old CDs on it to keep the birds off the abundant supply of juicy, sublime, tastiness. But last year something had changed; only a quarter of the tree had blossom, the rest was dead. It got me thinking… My business had also reached a crossroads, and like the cherry...

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SAS: Who Dares Wins

Love it or hate it, it certainly brings back memories of my military training in the SADF – South African Defence Force. It was tough, damn tough, so I feel for those going through the process, but that’s not what this article is about. Instead it’s the question The Dragon asked me whilst we were watching it: “Jolly” she said, “what are you afraid of?” (Yup, she and my lovely daughters are the only ones who get to call me “happy”) I responded without much hesitation – “Failure” All my life it’s been the one thing that terrifies me,...

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