Author: James Vanreusel

Lesson on Time – Part 2

Last month I discussed the first 2 steps on breaking the time barrier and making the most out of your time. Firstly, conduct a time audit. Secondly, create time boundaries in your business.  There was a key question asked, “What boundaries must you set up such that you keep focused on your main goals?” What were your boundaries? Step number 3: Time processes Do you remember the first person who ever hired you? For me it was 1999 when I joined a technology investment bank in San Francisco as an associate in their institutional equity sales department. Recently I...

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“Breaking the time barrier” My “breaking the time barrier” system consists of 4 different steps. Firstly, conduct a time audit. Secondly, create time boundaries in your business. Thirdly, understand how time compounds through processes, and fourthly, transform your time: in other words, take action and make the most of your hard-won time. It’s time to roll up your sleeves, shut down social media and get cracking. Step number 1: Time Audit As I sat on the plane returning from an overseas trip last week, I was very aware of how many key deliverables I had due over the next...

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Last month we discussed the quick and not so easy steps to building your business and achieving great results. I discussed the first two steps – Stop hiding, and Quantity of Quality.  And this month I’m going to discuss how to build your sales funnel, and how being direct and blunt will help you gain great results. Step number 3 – Build your sales funnel! Who should the first 3 people be on any start-up team? In general, it’s the business owner or CEO (vision and strategy), the head of product/engineering (what you’ll sell), and the head of sales/marketing...

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Renegades – Just begin I’m going to share with you my complete four steps to “Just begin!” that will help you quickly and easily take your first couple of steps to building your business and achieving greater results. My “Just begin!” guide consists of 4 different steps. Firstly, stop hiding. Secondly, choose quantity over quality. Thirdly, build your sales funnel, and lastly, get a coach. Step Number 1 – Stop Hiding It’s easy to be intimidated in the first couple of months at a new job, especially when you’re sitting on a trading desk on Wall Street. That is...

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To eliminate any preconceptions, let me define ‘budget’ for the purpose of this article. A budget is a manifestation of a unique business model created by the business owner and expresses his or her values and aspirations. It’s a detailed plan of how you’ll spend and earn money over the next year. I spent time last week with a venture capitalist on two funding renewals. Her due diligence requirements include a 12-month budget. She offered the following insight, “I always look to see who’s using their budget to tick the box and who’s using it to run the business.”...

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